Smog Check

As a Californian, you know that state law requires for smog testing to be done on registered vehicles every two years. Since California is a state with vast amounts of carbon emissions and air pollution, the government wants to make sure they do their part in reducing these emissions as much as possible.

To get your vehicle a smog test, you can bring it to EZ Auto Repair Santee. We have a designated smog testing station that is STAR certified and complies with the standards and rules of the state. We’ll perform the required visual and functional evaluations to see if your vehicle’s emission levels are too high. If they are, then we can perform the necessary repair or maintenance work needed to bring your emissions back down to a legally satisfying level.

EZ Auto Repair Santee can inspect the emissions levels of any type of vehicles, such as an AWD, SUV, truck, or passenger car. If it turns out that your vehicle has a missing or faulty catalytic converter, then we’ll install a new fully functional converter for you. As you may know, the catalytic converter is the component responsible for reducing the toxicity of exhaust fumes and emissions. That is why the converter assembly must be in functional condition.

Once we can confirm that your vehicle passes the smog test, you will receive official approval to renew your vehicle’s registration. Just bring the smog test paperwork that we give you to the DMV, and they’ll accept your registration renewal request. But if your vehicle ends up failing the smog test, then you must replace the catalytic converter or any other component which is causing the toxicity levels to be high in the exhaust. Usually, it is due to the catalytic converter, but there could also be something wrong with the exhaust system as well.

EZ Auto Repair Santee prides itself in keeping California cleaner and more environmentally friendly. We also love assisting Californians in getting their smog testing done quickly and efficiently. Even though we are based in Santee, we accept customers from any location in California. As long as you have a registered car in California, we are able to satisfy the legal requirement for its smog testing.