LiveScan Fingerprinting

LiveScan fingerprinting services are much faster and more accurate than those traditional ink-based fingerprinting procedures. When you come to EZ Auto Repair Santee for your fingerprinting service, we will implement this innovative Live Scan fingerprinting technology for your fingerprinting needs.

The California Department of Justice has certified EZ Auto Repair Santee. This gives us the authorization to collect fingerprints from people for the purpose of background screening and verification. Someone seeking immigration, certifications, licenses or employment may be required to get fingerprinted from an authorized service provider. All our staff members are fully certified to perform this service for these official needs.

Live Scan fingerprints are 100% electronic. There is no ink or paper used here whatsoever. After your fingerprints are scanned into the computer, they’ll be electronically sent to the FBI and/or the Department of Justice to conduct a federal criminal background check. People seeking jobs as real estate professionals, schoolteachers, physicians, nurses, attorneys, and CPAs are always required to get fingerprinted for their application.

To request a Life Scan fingerprinting service, you must fill out a Live Scan Request Form (download online and print), and present your passport, driver’s license, state ID, or some other official form of photo identification. If you don’t bring these two items with you, then we cannot perform the fingerprinting until you do.

The cost of the Live Scan fingerprinting is $22. If you are electing to get the ink card service, then the fee for that is $18 for one card. Additional cards are $12 each. The FBI FD-258 cards can be supplied by us if you need them. There is no appointment needed to use our fingerprinting service. Just come on a weekday during normal business hours.

Live Scan fingerprinting has the fastest processing time. While the ink fingerprinting can take months to process, the Live Scan fingerprints usually take 1 to 2 weeks at the most. Sometimes the results will even come back sooner. Because of this, you can start your job sooner or receive the credentials that you’ve been waiting for a lot sooner.

Contact our customer support team at EZ Auto Repair Santee if you have any questions about this process.