Fluid Leaks Santee

If you check underneath your vehicle and see a puddle of liquid, do not automatically assume that something bad has happened. It may just be condensation from your air conditioner that is dripping onto the ground, which is normal. But you should still take it upon yourself to investigate the situation and determine what the fluid is. If you are looking to repair fluid leaks Santee, you have come to the right place!

First, you need to study the color of the liquid. If it is a clear color, then it is probably condensation, which is nothing to worry about. But if the liquid is a little bit thicker than water, it might be the newer brake fluid you have in your braking system. If you haven’t driven over 10,000 miles using your existing brake fluid, then it will retain a transparent color. But if you have driven over 10,000 miles, then the fluid will appear darker.

Everything you need to know about fluid leaks Santee

Here are some of the other possible fluid colors and what they could mean:

  • Orange Fluid – Your transmission fluid or antifreeze can turn orange if it’s old or filled with rust. Sometimes condensation from the air conditioner can turn orange too.
  • Red/Pink Fluid – This is transmission fluid or power steering fluid.
  • Light Brown Fluid – New motor oil or lubricant from your gear. If it is the gear lubricant, then it might have a bad smell too.
  • Yellow, Green or Orange FluidRadiator coolant or antifreeze which has NOT aged or rusted up.
  • Dark Brown Fluid – If the fluid is slimy and dark brown, then it is probably the brake fluid. Otherwise, it is likely motor oil.
  • Blue Fluid – This is usually windshield wiper fluid. However, some of the Honda models out there have blue coolant.

fluid leak santee

Fluid Leak Repair Santee, CA

Aside from the condensation and windshield wiper fluid, you should not be driving if the leaky fluid is your transmission fluid, antifreeze, motor oil, gear lubricant, or power steering fluid. Just have your vehicle towed to us at EZ Auto Repair Santee or drive it down yourself if you feel confident enough.

Once we get the opportunity to examine your vehicle and discover the cause of the leak, we can give you a price estimate on how much it’ll cost to fix it. If you accept the estimate, then we’ll proceed to make the necessary repairs where needed.